Connaisseur Paris—20+ years of making exclusive luxury menswear, all-inclusive


Connaisseur Paris—20+ years of making exclusive luxury menswear, all-inclusive


Connaisseur Paris—20+ years of making exclusive luxury menswear, all-inclusive

Connaisseur Paris was born out of necessity when luxury meant quality and quality meant luxury. The lifestyle of the 1% could only be a dream and not a reality. Alain Chaps and Julius Ade, French Cameroonian fashion designers, set out to disrupt the men’s suit couture world—22 years later, what was a dream is now a lifestyle of choice. The goal of the brand is to become the leading high-end couture brand providing luxury anyone can afford.

While it is a fact that Connaisseur Paris does not compromise on quality—not in their fabric choices, designs nor in the making of their high-end couture, the fashion house wants anyone, who desires to wear exclusive luxury, to afford them. The Connaisseur Paris brand thus seeks to make exclusive, high-end couture with the singular purpose of making them affordable to anyone who desires to wear them. The goal is to break the notion that only the affluent can afford the luxury. IN ESSENCE, Connaisseur Paris pioneers the EXCLUSIVE LUXURY, MADE ALL INCLUSIVE.

The men’s fashion house is spreading its tentacles far and near through the work of the two visionary co-founders: Alain and Julius with Connaisseur Paris stores in Paris, France; and in the United States: Houston, Atlanta, Silver Spring, Upper Marlboro, and with time, many more stores.

A humble beginning

You see plush stores of the fashion brand today, plotted in prime destinations. The idea, however, hit the ground running from the humble abodes of the founders. They had retired from serving in the U.S. Army in 1998 and gone on to pursue practices in medicine and health. Their genuine passion kept gnawing at them until they took the bold step of investing their little savings into what has become Connaisseur Paris today.

Even with little to no funds, Alain and Julius were not ready to compromise on what they believed to be an opportunity to serve the underserved market in menswear at the time. The same stands true today; which is that you could only get quality and luxury at unreachable price points. In other words, you could break the bank to look good or run your bank account dry while seeking to do the same. Neither option is healthy to build a sustainable lifestyle of looking good every day.

Alain and Julius have not only succeeded at convincing individual customers, moving from door to door and office to office back in the days of no social media, to patronize quality luxurious suits at prices that left them dumbfounded. They have opened the eyes of all and sundry to the possibility of living well within your means.

Through their wit and tact, the two founders have managed to lead the menswear brand to evolve with the times, whiles staying true to their core vision and mandate. Connaisseur Paris has grown with the digital renaissance and is upbeat (the brand keeps active website:, and social media pages on instagram and facebook), serving its online and local clients, and shipping products across the globe in breathtaking turnaround times.

What draws celebrities, pastors, and the like to their stores is simple, the Connaisseur Paris ensemble is the same quality you find at any luxury store but at prices that won't break the bank.


The future

Twenty-plus years of serving happy customers and receiving orders across the globe validate a growing market for what Connaisseur Paris has to offer. Alain and Julius understand the need, now more than ever, to make their EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS MADE ALL-INCLUSIVE accessible to as many people as possible. You may meet Alain or Julius in your street one of these days and it will be for nothing other than to understand you, your society, and your lifestyle to design and situate a Connaisseur Paris Store right where you need it.

The brand has expanded to design and sell not only suits but accessories such as shirts, shoes, ties, bow ties, etc. Plans are in the works to explore the same idea to serve kids and women soon.

The founders believe everyone could share in the amazing future of Connaisseur Paris in ways that not only give you the quality and luxury you need but also ones that reward you in dividends. Connaisseur Paris is working on going public with the brand so that you can own a piece of the brand that makes you look good without breaking the bank.


By Kadmiel Van Der Puije