The turn of seasons marks an exhilarating opportunity for fashion brands to reinvent themselves, set the tone for the season, and, of course, make an iconic statement. Connaisseur Paris has a peculiar vision this fall/winter season, that is, to make their clients fall into luxury, intentionally—whether picking from any of the brand’s suits or shoes for the red carpet or that special occasion.

The menswear brand fell on top-tier fabric designers and manufacturers, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lanificio Zignone, Lanificio Mario, and Finitura Felice for its fall collection. Fabrics from these two are classed among top-of-the-chart, upper-echelon suit fabrics manufacturers. They are of the highest quality and natural forms of wool, cashmere, and silk yarns which gives life to Connaisseur Paris' fall/winter collection of men's suits.

The make of this collection of suits is defined by unique weavings and special finishings. Every little detail is carefully designed to gracefully exude the elegance and class Connaisseur Paris is known for. The fine weave of luxury suits has everything you can wish for: subtle texture, soft hand, an excellent drape, and functional sleeve buttons.

By choosing any of the luxury navy blue, charcoal grey, tawny brown, and more colors of three-piece suits, you’re intentionally falling into luxury. Top it off with any of the Filangieri stained brown for formal events or the Andrea Nobile stained brown low-top leather sneakers for a loose day and you’re all set to have a good time.

In the Fall/Winter luxury suits collections are Zignone Notched Lapel and V vest suits which come in a range of navy blue, charcoal grey, and ash grey colors. Vitale Barberis suits in colors such as navy blue, grey with gold plaid, brown with tan window pain, and more. Lanificio Mario suits in colors such as russet brown, forest green, coffee brown, and more. Last but not least, Finitura Felice double-breasted suits in colors such as steel grey, olive, black and more

In the Fall/Winter luxury shoes/sneaker collection are Filangieri stained purple, brown leather dress loafers with cursive. Andrea Nobile navy blue, burgundy, and black suede. Andrea Nobile stained brown, navy blue, and white sneakers. Filangieri stained grey and black leather ankle boots.

There is more and you can get them at www.connaisseurparis.com or visit any of our stores near you. You’ve got style, we’ve got.

By Julius Ade